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Today’s manufacturers face unprecedented challenges: global competition, increases in raw material costs, scarcity of skilled labor, and the need to rapidly scale production up or down with demand are just a few of those challenges. Resourceful manufacturers tackle these challenges head on, by investing in the technology infrastructure that enables them to operate in a lean and efficient manner. Orbus Technologies works with large and small manufacturers throughout the Caribbean to hone their processes and improve internal efficiencies. We have the experience, expertise, and the software tools to help meet your manufacturing challenges.

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Smaller, independent retailers face strong competition both from brick and mortar retailers and other Internet shopping sites. Competing on price is a losing proposition, so successful retailers much specialize, differentiate, and find profitable, dependable, and sustainable niches. A vital part of your business plan should be an efficient business software solution, including core accounting, point of sale, inventory management, eCommerce, purchasing, and sales analytics. By investing software that works the way you work, you can focus on growing your business. Orbus Technologies understands the challenges facing today’s retailers. Let us help you design and implement a solution that supports your business model.

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International Private Banking Systems, is a privately held company based in Nassau Bahamas, founded in 1993. The company’s flagship product, IPBS, delivers a comprehensive multi-functional technology platform that can manage all facets of Wealth Management, from the front office through the middle office and into the back office. With multiple components, including: Business Manager, Banking, eBanking, Investments, Funds, Share Registry, Trusts and SWIFT processing, IPBS has involved into a comprehensive tool for bankers.

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In today’s competitive global marketplace, wholesale distributors are facing pressure from multiple fronts. Supply networks are growing increasingly complex, customers are growing more demanding, price pressure is strong, and fast fulfillment is a necessity. To successfully complete, today’s distributors needs to make strategic stocking decisions, eliminate waste and inefficiency, and find ever more efficient fulfillment methods. An integrated ERP solution can help with all of these tasks, optimizing operations across the enterprise. Orbus Technologies specializes in ERP solutions that deliver the tools wholesale distributors need to grow their success and their profitability.

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Farming | Agriculture

The agriculture industry is faced with challenges from consumers who whose shifting taste trends keep you guessing, from retail customers who continually ask you to do more, and from regulators introducing new and ever-more complex regulations. Agriculture companies must employ innovative business practices to profitably meet the challenges these issues present. Processes and systems must keep up with customer and consumer demands as well as new regulations. Separate, or manual systems will no longer allow companies to compete successfully. Orbus Technologies has helped agriculture and farming companies improve efficiency, hone logistics, and master regulatory compliance. We’re ready to help you.

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With industry-specific software in place to track policies and initiate billing procedures, most insurance agencies next seek a strong core accounting system, with a flexible architecture capable of interfacing with their industry-specific solutions. In addition, a reliable solution to successfully track and manage customer communications and relationships is crucial to an agency’s success. Orbus Technologies works with insurance industry clients to help define, implement, and optimize accounting and CRM solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment.

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Government agencies face increasingly complex transaction processing and reporting requirements that can overwhelm legacy database software. Separate, disconnected databases across various entities within the organization lead to inefficiencies and duplicate data entry tasks. Lack of access to real-time financial information delays strategic planning and decision-making tasks. Sage 300 ERP is an ideal financial management tool for government entities. Flexible reporting tools enable you to quickly integrate information into meaningful reports and distribute them across the enterprise in a real-time and secure environment. Access to information across departments is improved, and drill-down and drill-around functionality allows staff members to find the information they need quickly and easily. Orbus Technologies works with government organizations to design and implement financial solutions that lead to greater productivity, access, and efficiency.

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Hotel and Resort Management

Driven by changes in both the regulatory and the business environment, the business of managing hotels has become increasingly complex. Sage 300 along with Smart Hotel Software offer hotel management a fully integrated suite of back office accounting and front office software applications. This includes




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