Implementation Services

Orbus Technologies consultants are highly qualified for the specialized and complex tasks involved in the implementation of a new business management solutions.



Typically an implementation will include many or all of the following steps:

•    Site visit to assess the issues and needs
•    Preparation of a Project Plan for the implementation
•    Agreement with client of responsibilities and check points
•    Review of hardware on which the system is to run
•    Installation of software on server and stations
•    Testing with sample data
•    Identification of special needs of the client
•    Configuration of software for special needs of the company
•    Accounting assistance with the structural issues such as the Chart of Accounts, Report Writing, and Sales Analysis
•    Conversion of existing data
•    Training of staff in daily use of the products
•    Assistance in the layout of Management and Financial Reports
•    Data Conversion
•    Creation of and use of off-the-shelf conversion tools that facilitate the migration of accounting data from other systems and spreadsheets
•    Data repair and cleansing, including: reconstruction of corrupted data; modifying data tables and data; reconstruction of missing data; elimination of duplicate record.