Customizing Off-the-Shelf-Software

Off the shelf packages backed by strong software publishers are usually chosen by businesses to ensure the availability of ongoing support and continued development. These solutions provide broad functionality that serves the needs of many diverse businesses. Oftentimes, though, an organization’s requirements go beyond the feature set of off-the-shelf applications, and custom development is proposed. Orbus Technologies is a Sage Development Partner, enabling our programming team to make source code level changes to your Sage business management solutions. This certification, along with the skills and creativity of our development team, combine to provide our clients with customized user interfaces, systems integration tools, and processing changes that meet their exacting needs.

Through the use of ODBC, API, OLE, and other development tools, we create and implement integrated solutions and tools that offer flexibility and functionality not always available in packaged software.

Among our talents:

•    Develop custom tailored applications that will allow your business to accumulate information particular to its needs
•    Streamline and standardize labor-intensive functions and eliminate task replication and duplications of duties
•    Automate unique business processes that do not fit into any category of the off-the-shelf program
•    Simplify day-to-day operations by integrating applications that do not normally exchange data
•    Integrate data feeds directly from other applications to your back office accounting system


Custom Software Development Services

Our programming team’s skills extend well beyond the Sage software solutions we offer. Our team are well versed in the major programming languages and platforms.